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Welcome to SIAPAC

Welcome to SIAPAC

SIAPAC is an international development consultancy firm with well over 30 years of experience across over 70 countries around the world. It has recently established a linked firm, SIAPAC Caribbean, headquartered in Cayman Islands, to bring this expertise to the Caribbean Region.

SIAPAC Caribbean’s focal areas comprise Social Impact Assessment as part of EIAs, facilitating community engagement in corporate social responsibility initiatives, assisting in the building of resilient social protection, public health and education systems, public opinion surveys, and policy and development programme evaluation. The firm’s particular skills and expertise in quantitative and qualitative data collection, when combined with extensive experience in broad-based consultations as well proven approaches to secondary materials identification and review, provide a sound foundation for its work.

SIAPAC has worked with a wide range of bilateral and multi-lateral development agencies, from DFID to USAID, from UNICEF to the World Bank, as well as engineering firms, environmental impact assessment agencies, and private sector firms, and is well experienced in working with multi-disciplinary teams.

SIAPAC’s approach to development reflects its commitment to the rights of people, no matter how marginalised, to participate meaningfully in developments that affect their lives. This simple premise had guided SIAPAC through over 400 consultancies around the world, and will be the core focus of SIAPAC’s work in the Caribbean.

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